To say JP was super excited about his upcoming proposal to Brooke, would be an understatement! JP was fired up with pure love and ready to make Brooke his bride. Even their children were helping plan and prepare this EPIC surprise! JP shared his desires for the perfect proposal to myself and Sara at Pop Up N Chill Luxury picnics and it turned out beautifully! When Brooke arrived she was surprised and felt so loved. She was clearly filled with pure joy! Pop Up N Chill is a luxury experience that be customized any way you want it! Vintage record player w/bluetooth, done! Charcuterie Board, done! Balloon arch, Lakeside view, done and done! Embark with me on an adventure of surprise proposals, laughs, family and just a good ole time!! This experience was so beautiful and I’m sure it’s just one of many more to come!


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